Our Services

As precious as life is, we take great pride in providing the best care for our patients, and their families. We strive for each opportunity to positively impact the lives of those we serve. At Kater Medical, we are committed, prepared, and equipped with expertise in post-acute and long-term care medicine to support the needs of a vulnerable community. Caring for our patients through precarious moments and providing an improved quality of life is what we do best. Our multidisciplinary approach to patient care improves the quality of treatment everyone receives, which enables us to reduce hospital readmissions and achieve long-term satisfaction.

Medical Directorship

We are not only equipped with professional training, physician knowledge and management experience but we also offer a balance between patient care and business acumen. Through this comprehension, we fully understand the importance of the medical director role in the post-acute and long-term care industry. You can rest assured knowing that our Medical Directors are trained providers who leverage physician knowledge, vertical integration and technology and our exceptional industry leading team to execute the best possible results for our patients and partners.

Primary Care

At Kater Medical, we enhance continuity of care with connected technology, pharmacy services and dedicated care teams. With our active programs and partnerships, we can identify and appropriately treat medical issues that are plaguing chronic care patients. We are uniquely positioned to utilize custom built technology with data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence to identify at-risk patients which leads to patient improvement and patient outcomes even at home. 

Delivering the highest quality of care is made possible through our experienced team who partners with each facility to enhance quality assurance and ensure customized care.

Specialty Care

Our specialized care team at Kater Medical includes trained and experienced Board-Certified Physicians, Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, Registered Nurses, Medical Assistants and Pharmacists, directors of nursing, facility executive directors, PM&R specialists. All healthcare specialists at Kater Medical must be leaders and well respected in their areas of expertise. The following are just some of the resources available to our partners.

  • Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
  • Psychiatry
  • Cardiology
  • Pain Management
  • Nephrology
  • Infectious Disease
  • Palliative and hospice
  • Facility level support with leading directors of nursing
    • Executive directors
    • Therapists
    • Nursing

Pharmacy Services

Pharmacists at Kater Medical collaborate with partner facilities to:

  • Significantly reduce pharmacy costs
  • Evaluate medications and diminish redundancies
  • Cooperate jointly with in-house facility pharmacists
  • Minimize Polypharmacy
  • Decrease facility med-passes
  • Through Healthstore pharmacy we are uniquely positioned to reduce the cost of pharmaceutic agents for out partners.
  • We also understand the business of pharmacy and have immense resources to deploy to partners in need.
  • Full-service pharmacy services for facilities available
  • Med to home, compliance packed.

Quality Initiatives

Through Kater Medical’s quality healthcare and multidisciplinary approach, our team works closely with facility staff, patients, families, and outside medical professionals to ensure optimal success. Our providers are dedicated to improving the needs of facilities resulting in improved patient outcomes, reducing falls, opiate, and psychotropic use, decreasing readmissions, increasing patient satisfaction scores and improving PDPM & survey results. We strive to deliver quality, consistency, and collaboration in all we do. We provide education to our providers and partners to empower them with the education to help our patients and partners. We routinely provide CME for our providers. Our Medical directors provide much needed education to our partner CNAs, RNs and other disciplines within our partner facilities. We work with our partner facilities to promote a culture of education and responsibility which enables higher staff retention and satisfaction.


We understand the importance of being able to access healthcare services 24 hours a day and beyond facility discharge. Our goal is to provide you with resources 24/7, at your convenience and with ease. Our in-house physicians and practitioners are always available to our partners. We also provide telehealth, transitional care, and chronic care management post patient discharge.